Ximio.org proposes to offer its regional grip to inject what we are sure will be a technological change of colossal dimensions, through the following activities and methodologies:


We push an strategic use of blockchain technology based on an exhaustive analysis of traditional companies, when there is a very clear disruptive potential. We will evaluate the potential of blockchain technology for certain commercial activities and be sure that it is offered only where it is useful.


We push for implementation, and continued maintenance via long-term assistance for operational issues for our allies around the world.


We have a growing community platform for education, and talent development. Through public and private training programs, hackathons and demonstration events, we allow emerging companies and corporations to initiate powerful innovations where it matter most.

Anticipating the greatest technological change

The Blockchain was proposed for the first time in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin technical document (white paper). These original ideas have been dramatically expanded by developers and researchers around the world. The Blockchain involves a new type of computers where the only ability is the trust between the users, the developers and the platform itself. This trust arises from the cryptographic, mathematical and game theory aspects of the system, without relying on the reliability of individual network participants.


Blockchain and DLT for the developing world


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