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Thriving in a time of global commercial complexity: Blockchain, AI, IoT, sovereign identity. Join us to help expand innovation throughout the developing world.


Blockchain: The technology that will probably have the biggest impact in the coming decades has arrived. Innovating in a range of use cases that accelerates rapidly, allowing consumers, organizations and regulators to connect and exchange value in a more dynamic, efficient and immediate way.

XIMIO  seeks to help Latin American companies, governments, and individuals, achieve their objectives related to the implementation and usage of Blockchain and other emerging technologies, helping shape a better future. Our systematized ecosystem for education, implementation, and strategy helps clients and organic communities take advantage of the opportunities and capabilities that Blockchain technology has to offer.

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Tamara Sanchez

Tamara Sanchez

Executive Director & Founder

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Sebastián Gómez

Sebastián Eduardo Gómez

Research Director & Founder

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Javier Rainerio Corti

Javier Rainerio Corti

Evangelism Operations & Founder

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Tito Kliber

Tito Kliber Morón

Specialist in Crypto-Economics

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Javier Pereira

Javier Pereira

Feasibility Researcher


Dario Corti

Dario Juan Marcelo Corti

Tech Evangelist



Daiana Ayelén Beuter

Daiana Ayelén Beuter

Food Engineer, Researcher at CONICET

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Anticipating the greatest technological change

The Blockchain was proposed for the first time in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto in the Bitcoin technical document (white paper). These original ideas have been dramatically expanded by developers and researchers around the world. The Blockchain involves a new type of computers where the only ability is the trust between the users, the developers and the platform itself. This trust arises from the cryptographic, mathematical and game theory aspects of the system, without relying on the reliability of individual network participants.


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